Greetings from Babe

Title Greetings from Babe refers to postcards. But the place they are sent from seems a bit odd. A couple on the photographs found itself at the beginning of a new world. It contains distinct relics from the past – but at the same time should give spectator a possible scenario of the future. Their Eden is beautiful but they cannot fully enjoy that beauty because it has been polluted. Helmets, gloves, aprons now serve as protection.

Greetings from Babe refers both to our idea of utopian future and dystopian present. What our environment will look like after decades of active pollution? Can we still hope that some day life will be like it used to be? Or should we prepare for a reality in which humans will be forever parted from the nature?

Babe (literally ‘grannies’) is a toponym. It refers to a small village 50 km from the Serbian capital Belgrade. Since the pandemic started two years ago, life in the city became too restrictive – same as traveling abroad. People started to refurbish their country houses. Similarly to Babe, many abandoned villages all over the country were rediscovered.

Greetings from Babe is a series of photographs. They are arranged self-portraits and portraits combined with found scenes from the environment. The project was realized during the Mobile Residence “Babe i žabe” organized by ZMUC, 2021.