Re – creations

This series of photographs represents a recreation of everyday scenes in which characters are being portrayed in the state of certainty of not being observed by others and with their impenetrable expressions of being immersed into the everydayness. I’m trying to concentrate on the moments, which precede the drama that will follow the act of photography. Common and successive actions suggest those very moments when one re-examines their own identity, not stepping out of the socially conditioned models of behavior. The photographed scenes contribute to the false impression that the camera was concealed in the process of picture making, which places the observer in the role of the voyeur. It is a game in which the photographic eye recognizes various levels of staged creations.

From another perspective, these photographs are also about the relation of people to their private space. Does one become a constituent part of their private space, which directs their own activities and gestures, or does one constitute the space around them with the aid of their activities.

Stefana Savic